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Equal Rights - Alarm


Equal Rights
by Albert R. Parsons
Published in The Alarm [Chicago], vol. 1, no. 7 (Nov. 15, 1884), pg. 2.
Published in USA prior to 1923, contents public domain.

This editorial from The Alarm notes that the path to wealth and leisure is a chimera, attainable by not one person in ten, of whom not one in ten is capable of maintaining the status. The only way to achieve this, in Parsons' view, is by standing on those beneath them in the role of exploiter.
"Suppose some of those underneath concluded to use a little dynamite to blow off their burdens, might it not be possible that some of these ambitious ones on top would then conceive of some safer way to gratify their ambitions without taking a fellow creature for a footstool to climb up with?" Parsons rhetorically asks. "Gunpowder brought the world some liberty and dynamite will bring the world as much more as it is stronger than gunpowder. No man has a right to boost himself by even treading on anotherĂ¢s toes. Dynamite will produce equality."

Edited by Tim Davenport.
Published by 1000 Flowers Publishing, Corvallis, OR, July 2013.
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